Get Outrageous! Growth Marketing Testing Tip

Have you ever run an A/B test on your landing page that didn’t make a difference in the conversion rate? Have you spent money on splitting a direct mail campaign only to find out there wasn’t a lift from the test?

Wasting time and money on things that make no difference is frustrating. I used to think that any information is worth the effort. Finding out what doesn’t move the needle is just as important as finding out what works, right?

Nope. You aren't finding out what doesn’t work. You are finding out what doesn’t matter. I have all too often made the mistake of spending too much time on things that made no difference.

It is more productive to focus on what will drive change. It's time to get outrageous!

Sometimes testing the most outrageous option provides the most information. If you aren't just a little uncomfortable, then it probably isn't different enough.

How to Focus on What will Drive Change

Here is a quick process to identify the elements that will make the most impact with the least amount of effort:

  1. Make a list of all the elements you want to test.
  2. Score how big of an impact you think it will have.
  3. Score on how easy it is to do.
  4. Multiple the 2 together and rank by this score.
  5. Take the top few and make them a priority.

Stuck for some ideas to test? Take advantage of one of the most underutilized resources for ideas - the Sales team! There is a wealth of creative ideas that comes from the people who are on the phones with customers every day.

And bonus! Implementing marketing ideas from Sales has the added benefit of:

  • Increasing buy-in from Sales for your marketing campaigns
  • Building trust between Marketing & Sales
  • Breaking down the “us versus them” mentality

Get outside of your comfort zone and make changes that make a difference!