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May 18, 2021

If you are a Marketing Team of One, you are solely responsible for the strong unique positioning for your company. Getting this right is so important as your marketing flows from your positioning. If you are struggling with positioning or just want to take a fresh look at it, here are tips and tools to help you out.

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Managing Up

April 27, 2021

One of the most challenging things to do as a Marketing Team of One is to manage your boss or "manage up". If you are frustrated because your boss thinks they know more about marketing than you do, peppers you with emails, disrespects your time, or has no clue what you really do then this issue is for you.

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Perfect Form - Web Forms

April 20, 2021

Web forms are a powerful tool to interact with your customers. You use them to capture lead data, collect feedback, and receive orders. Many times, it is the very first interaction that your customer has with you. A bad web form will cost you. A great web form is a gateway to success. Here are tools & tips, particularly useful for marketers who have limited resources and Marketing Teams of One.

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Building Community

April 13, 2021

Community rocks! While building an audience amplifies your own voice, building community engages and amplifies each other. But building community is particularly difficult if you are a Marketing Team of One. It is time-consuming, hard to show ROI, and difficult to find the right tools. This issue is focused on helping you build a community.

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Marketing Team of One

March 23, 2021

It's amazing being a Marketing Team of One! You are in charge. You get things done with limited resources. You get your hands dirty and learn every part of marketing. The challenges are tough though. There is never enough time, switching from one thing to another can feel like whiplash, and you can feel all alone. You are the scrappiest of scrappy marketers. Here's to you, Marketing Team of One!

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20 for 20

March 16, 2021

To celebrate the 20th issue of Scrappy MarTech, here is a collection of twenty favorite clever marketing tools, "how to" solutions, and growth marketing tips from the first twenty issues. These articles are a selection of hidden gems, popular favorites, and a few new finds. Enjoy!

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Marketing Funnels

March 9, 2021

Whether you use a simple 2-step funnel (like leads to sale) or follow a more complex multi-stage model, your marketing funnel is the flow of your business. It's a superpower to create a marketing funnel that is right for you. You get visibility into the metrics to predict the future. Better yet, you can take corrective action to change the future.

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Repurposing Content

March 2, 2021

Your content is gold. Whether you are drowning in content or just have a few key items, the best way to get maximum impact is to repurpose your content. Repurposing content simply means taking something and finding new ways to reuse it.

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Nurturing Leads with Drip Emails

February 23, 2021

Nurturing leads is simply helping your customers through the sales process so they take action. Drip emails or automated email campaigns are the workhorses of lead nurturing. Drip emails can deliver the right message that provides information, reinforces relationships, and creates a sense of urgency - all delivered at the right time. Here are tools and tips that will help you set up successful lead nurturing email campaigns.

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Customer Profiles

February 16, 2021

You need to understand your customer. No one would argue with that. Building your customer profiles and keeping the profiles fresh is hard to get right. It is a combination of data analysis, research, and insight. There are tools and techniques to help you.

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A/B Testing

February 9, 2021

A/B testing or split testing is a growth marketer's best friend. There is no better way to find out what works, optimize your conversions, or grow your lead flow. It ends any argument. Simply put the idea to the test and find out what works.

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And...Action! Growing with Video

February 2, 2021

Videos are a powerful part of growth marketing. Getting started can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Dealing with the different formats required by different channels and repurposing video content can suck time away. Here are tips and tools to make video marketing easier.

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Lead Magnets

January 26, 2021

Lead magnets are an incredibly effective way to attract potential customers to your website. You provide something of value - a white paper, results from a calculator or quiz, a research report - and in return you get contact information. You can now engage with an interested person and begin nurturing.

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Stop Email Marketing Disasters

January 19, 2021

Email Marketing is a go-to tool for growth marketers, but what a disaster when it goes wrong! For nurturing leads, guiding a prospect through the sales process, or onboarding, your emails will make or break your results. Let's look at some tools & tips to help stop your email marketing from going wrong.

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Creative Images

January 12, 2021

Images help tell a story, show empathy, and help drive action. Growth marketers who use the right visuals in marketing content, landing pages, emails, and ads will see the results. Creating and modifying images can be clunky without the right tools.

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Conquer Copywriting

January 5, 2021

Copywriting can make or break your marketing campaign. Writing headlines, ads, landing pages, blog posts, and emails requires creativity and skill. It can be hard. Sometimes you just need a place to start instead of staring at a blank page. Luckily there are some clever resources and tools available to help you be the best copywriter you can be.

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Measuring Twitter

December 15, 2020

Twitter is a critical tool for audience growth, engagement, and conversions used by growth marketers. How do we know if what we are doing on Twitter is effective? We need tracking, metrics, and analytics.

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December 1, 2020

Listening to your customers and your audience is an incredible source of information and holds the key to successful growth. Yet few growth marketers know how to effectively listen to learn what the customer is saying.

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November 24, 2020

Showing that you are thankful for your customers is more than a nice thing to do, it is a smart growth tactic. Customers are more likely to do business with companies that appreciate their business, but so few companies do a good job showing appreciation.

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Signature Move

November 17, 2020

The humble email signature. It is included in every email that you send, yet it is often overlooked as a powerful engagement tool and conversion tactic. Get value from your email signature immediately by making a few simple upgrades.

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Stick the Landing

November 10, 2020

A landing page has one goal - a Call To Action. We growth marketers obsess over increasing conversion rates on our landing pages, and for good reason. Each optimization directly brings in more customers.

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Know Your Audience

November 3, 2020

Growth marketers depend on growing and knowing our audience. Social media is the most obvious channel to engage with your audience, but in fact, any marketing communication, zoom meeting, or email is part of audience engagement.

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