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Each issue cuts through the clutter to bring you:
  • Tips to thrive as a Marketing Team of One
  • New & overlooked apps you'll love
  • Step-by-step solutions from the trenches
  • Actionable marketing tips
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Ah-Ha Moments in Every Issue

MarTech Hunt

Curated alerts on new no-code marketing tools, overlooked apps, and clever solutions.

Bite-Sized Solutions

Quick & practical how-to solutions to get you results in your marketing efforts.

Growth Marketing Tips

Actionable ideas for Marketing Team of One on growth marketing for measurable results

Wall of Love 💜

Scott Brinker

"How does one not love a content series called Scrappy MarTech? 😀 Great #martech stuff!"

Scott Brinker - VP of Ecosystem, Hubspot @chiefmartec via Twitter

Amanda Natividad

"I really like that as someone new to the no-code movement, it’s easy for me to digest. And I don’t feel like Michele is dumbing anything down."

Amanda Natividad - Head of Marketing, Growth Machine @amandanat via Twitter

Jenna Balegno

"I love all of this."

Jenna Balegno - COO, Ascend2Research @jennabalegno via Twitter

Jose Bermejo

"I love the way you pack actionable information, products and growth tips! Keep going!!"

Jose Bermejo - Founder, @joseberco via Twitter

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