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Nugget of Information

Quickest Win

The quickest win in solving a Rubik's cube is currently 3.47 seconds. Speedcubing is absolutely fascinating to watch.

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Positioning with a Math Degree

The original classic marketing book "Positioning the Battle for your Mind" was published in 1981 by Al Ries and Jack Trout. This book is the cornerstone for this marketing concept. Did you know Al Ries has a math degree?

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Directing Up

The 2009 Pixar movie Up was directed by Peter Docter and co-directed by Bob Peterson. They also co-wrote the screenplay. He is Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and is the first person to win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature three times.

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The First Electronic Payments

We all take for granted that today web forms allow us to accept online payments from our customers. Did you know electronic payments have their roots in the 1870's?

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Solo Cups

Raise your solo cup to the solo marketers! The now-ubiquitous red Solo cup was developed by Robert Hulseman in the 1970's. Robert is the son of Leo Hulseman, who in the 1930's create the "Solo Cup", a paper cone he made at his home and sold to bottled-water companies.

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2 Random Things to Learn Today

Hidden gems and popular favorites of Nugget of Information Articles from the first 20 issues of Scrappy MarTech.

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Funnel Cake

It's true that marketing funnels can be satisfying, especially when all the leads are flowing through and producing revenue. But have you ever had a funnel cake?

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The History of the Recycling Symbol

The original recycling symbol was designed by Gary Anderson. He won a logo design contest held by Bill Loyd of the Container Corporation of America in 1970.

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The Changing Meaning of Drip

Drip email means to deliver a series of emails, "dripping" into the inbox, so called because of drip irrigation.

In the 1950's, "drip" was slang for someone who is very uncool. but over the years, using "drip" fell out of style.

Then around 2018, the word "drip" had a renaissance thanks to hip-hop

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Profile Heads or Tails?

Obverse and its opposite, reverse, refer to the two flat faces of coins. Obverse means the front face of the coin and reverse means the back face.

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Statistics and Beer

William Sealy Gosset was an English statistician who pioneered small sample experimental design and analysis. So what's the relationship between statistics and beer?

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SPAM, Spam, and Monty Python

We all know about email spam, which is unsolicited unwanted messages. We all know about SPAM, the canned cooked pork introduced by Hormel Foods in 1937. But do you know how unsolicited emails got to be named after a pork product?

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Jif or Gif?

The GIF image file format, widely used on the web, was developed in 1987 by a team at CompuServe. So is it pronounced with a soft "g" (Jif like the peanut butter) or hard "g" (Gif)? It's been a debate on the internet for years.

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The Strange Grammar Rule You've Never heard of - but Always Follow

Native English speakers know it is proper to say "a cute little purple dog" and not "a purple cute little dog". Or "great big blue ocean" and not "blue big great ocean". It's the thing we do and don't even know about. There is a grammar rule for that.

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Top Nugget of Information Articles from 2020

These are the top Nugget of Information articles from 2020 about learning something new.

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Twitcher: A type of bird watcher who seeks to add as many species as possible, willing to go to great lengths to see any bird species they haven't previously recorded.

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The Attention Span of a Goldfish

We've all heard that goldfish have something like a 7 second memory, right?

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Open Ended Questions

Open ended question: a question that prompts a conversation and cannot be answered with a simply yes or no.

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Thank You in 15 Different Languages

  • French = merci
  • Spanish = gracias
  • German = danke
  • Italian = grazie
  • Portuguese = obrigado
  • Farsi/Persian = mam’noon
  • Hindi/Indian = dhanyavaad
  • Chinese = xièxiè
  • Arabic = shukraan
  • Japanese = arigato
  • Thai = khàawp-khun
  • Zulu = ngiyabonga
  • Navajo = ahéhee’
  • Tongan = mālō
  • Esperanto = dankon
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Valediction: an expression used to say farewell, especially a word or phrase used to end a letter or message.

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Simone Biles knows how to stick a landing. The Biles II move is a triple-double in floor gymnastics, composed of a double backflip with three twists.

What's your signature move?

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Audience Nicknames

Groundlings: a member of a theater audience who traditionally stood in the pit below the stage, originated from Shakespeare's Hamlet

Bleacher Creatures: someone who goes to baseball games and sits in the cheap seats.

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Lalochezia: the use of swearing to alleviate stress and frustration.

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